Talented people are the main asset of the Russian Federation. And they include not only those who live in modern metropolises, but also anyone who inhabits small towns, villages and settlements in Siberia, the Far East and the Far North. Our objective is to create new opportunities for people’s self-fulfillment, so that citizens of every region feel like a significant and integral part of our large country.

+7 is a phone code of Russia. This figure is part of the phone number of each and all resident of the country. The seven priority projects of the Fund, i.e. in the sphere of education, urban environment, sports and religion, shall help people find new resources for personal growth.

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The Time to Be Strong Charitable Foundation was established in 2019 to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as the development of youth and amateur sports. The Fund's work is aimed at providing material, technical and financial assistance to young athletes and preparing them for participation in competitions.
The world champion in several weight categories, Roy Jones Jr., has finished his career as a boxer and now fulfills his potential in the new project – “Way to Total Victory”. Roy selects the most talented boxers in several regions of Russia, organizes training camps and plans to help those who intend to pursue their careers and will put their best foot forward to it.
There is hardly any brand stronger than Spartak amongst the Russian football clubs, and the Fund in collaboration with this famous football club promote football trainings for children in Siberia as part the “Spartak-Regions” project. We cooperate in the following areas: children football schools, search for young talents, assistance to young football players to take their first serious steps forward.
The educational project aimed at searching for talented people in the Russian regions allows for providing them with opportunities to fulfill their potential in the hometown. The participants of the “Upward Motion” Forum implement own projects, and the winners receive grants.
National Association of Timber Industry “Russian Forest” is an association of logging, processing and logistics companies representing the Russian timber industry. All companies, members of this association, are united by one common idea, i.e. environment protection, as well by the obligatory inherent characteristic – a fundamental insight into the industry realities.