On August 25, “Medal on Medal” Festival will take place in Novaya Igirma


In the Russian language, there is the common phrase: “in a far, godforsaken place”.And if the word “far” simply refers to the great distances in the world largest country, on the contrary “godforsaken” indicates that we have to draw our attention to such a place.

This is why we support the “Medal on Medal” sports festival in Novaya Igirma settlement.

What to expect?

On August 28, children’s tournaments in futsal and streetball will take place. The participants are children between the ages of 8 and 14. And on this day the coastline will be cleaned up.Moreover, children whose families are in difficult circumstances will be given necessary school accessories, as well as encouraged in words before the upcoming academic year. The joyful feelings of girls and boys are of great value for us and we make our best to make them laugh more often, however it's beyond the +7 Fund’s power to cancel the upcoming first of September.