On November 30, the finale of the Roy Jones Jr. project – “Path to Ultimate Victory” – will take place in Moscow


On November 16, the month-long preliminary stage of the project – “Path to Ultimate Victory” – implemented by the former absolute world boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. was over.To be among the contestants, boxers from Moscow and the Moscow Region aged 10 to 17 had to send videos of their trainings and sparring, which became the basis for the selection of participants. By the application deadline, more than 250 people had become participants of the contest.More information on the project can be found on the official website – RJJBoxing.ru. Roy Jones Jr. is supported by the +7 Russian Regional Development Fund and the National Association of Timber Industry “Russian Forest”.

The second stage of the project – “Path to Ultimate Victory” — will take place in Moscow. The first stage was held in the Irkutsk Region and Krasnoyarsk Territory. At that time more than 400 applications were reviewed and 20 participants were chosen – with 10 people from each region. Winners selected at both stages will go to a training camp, to be organized in 2020..

Roy Jones Jr.: “The preliminary stage in Siberia was successfully over and then we went to Moscow and the Moscow Region. Frankly speaking, I was astonished at the extensive scope of the project, and looking forward to its continuation. I met a great number of talented guys. As I have already mentioned: it is a pity that not all of them can join the team. The finale of the second part of the project will be held on November 30, in Moscow at the Boxing Academy. As for the winners, the selected contestants from the Irkutsk Region and those from the Krasnoyarsk Territory will go together to a training camp next year. ФThe finale of the project – “Path to Ultimate Victory” – will be held on November 30, at the Boxing Academy in Luzhniki (address:Moscow, 24 Luzhniki St., bld. 3).

Schedule of the event:

10:00 — registration of participants

12:00 — training for project participants

19:00 — autograph session for registered visitors

The training will be held only for project participants..

You need to registered in advance with the Boxing Academy to participate in the autograph session by phone: +7 (495) 507-74-79