+7 produces a collection of clothes together with the Submariner Moscow brand


Fund +7 and the Submariner Moscow brand announce the start of sales of a joint clothing collection. All proceeds from the sale will be directed to charity.

Six items with the logo of the +7 fund, the outlines of Lake Baikal and the sea coordinates of Irkutsk are available for purchase on the project website - https://www.plssvnsmr.ru/. The fund's partner is the Russian brand Submariner Moscow.

The collection includes hoodies and T-shirts in navy and beige, as well as polo and a cap in navy. On the back of the products are images of Baikal and a submariner in a retro version of the spacesuit. All things are made in Russia, and based on the results of the implementation, the Fund undertakes to tell on its social networks exactly what purposes the received profit will be directed to.

One of the co-founders of the Submariner brand, Alexey Mostovoy, also noted that clothing production is a self-sufficient project that can provide quality comparable to that offered by well-known world companies:

«Local brands, which we are, are always fooling around looking for a good fabric and something interesting to manufacture. Because large companies have already established themselves, and there are many players on our field and we have to approach very responsibly to the same selection of fabrics. This should not be confused with souvenir clothing, which is sold, for example, by musicians or athletes, just plain factory T-shirts from the USA or Uzbekistan can be bought there, and a logo is subsequently applied to them. We have our own clothing production, 100% cotton is purchased, we have high-quality patterns, which we used to sew even before the joint project with +7. All images are printed using silk-screen printing - this is the most reliable and high-quality application method so far».

Mostovoy noted that the logo with the image of a submariner symbolizes overcoming difficulties, and the water element in the brand's philosophy is metaphorically understood as a metropolis. The link to Irkutsk is made by putting the coordinates of the city on things.

«We also decided not to forget about the main attraction of the region - Lake Baikal, — says Kirill Timofeev, — so we chose the slogan “Baikal is behind us”, and the colors of the collection refer to the dark color of the water and the sandy color of the shore along some parts of the lake. We also agreed that we will not give these things to anyone, and even within the company they will only be purchased. The only and first person who received them was the children's surgeon Yuri Kozlov, who recently joined the board of trustees of our foundation. I think there is no need to explain why we made such a choice».

+7 Fund has been operating in Irkutsk since 2018. All proceeds from the sale of items from the collection will be donated to charity.