Lake Baikal
To protect the lake, as well as to bring to public knowledge about this unique natural wonder nearby, is one of the priorities of the +7 Fund.

We are happy to present you a game for mobile devices and PC – «Спасай, а не болтай!» (“No promises, just help”).

This game has three levels which complexity is gradually increased. A player has to walk through the night Irkutsk, down the forest path, along the shore of Lake Baikal and collect garbage. A player gets a certain number of points (from one to five) per each item found depending on the severity of pollution and a certain item. For instance, if a player collects organic waste, he/she can get one point and in case he/she collects a tire, one can get five points.

To control the character one shall use the arrow keys, the space bar or the arrows on the mobile device screen.

Keep your eyes open: there are hidden secret platforms in the game on which you can also find some items!

Upon completion of all three levels, the player will be offered to convert the earned points into money, which, pursuant to the public offer, will be spent by the +7 Fund to organize environmental campaigns led by Egor Lesnoy.

To participate in any campaign, one shall fill in the form and accept the conditions of personal data processing, thereafter the user information will be entered into a closed database, available to the +7 Fund staff.