ECO +7

ECO +7

Caring for the environment and helping everyone who is ready to take the initiative in the protection and restoration of natural resources in Russia, cooperation with eco-activists and independent actions, interaction with experts in this field and targeted participation in projects related to improving the environmental situation.

The game «Save, do not talk»

A mobile application with a desktop version of the game, where anyone can earn money for the environmental project of the same name, exchanging points for passing for real payments in favor of the project of Yegor Lesnoy. The maximum monthly payment is 50,000 rubles. The money won by the participants is transferred to Yegor from the fund's budget and allows the eco-project to cover everyday household expenses.

Cleaning of tires in the village of Patrony

Egor Lesnoy, the author of the #СпасайАНеБолтай project, together with like-minded people, including from large Irkutsk companies, began cleaning the reservoir near the village of Patrony. There are many uncleaned tires left in this place. Removing them and cleaning the shore is a difficult but important task for everyone who is not indifferent to the ecological situation in the region.

Cleaning the marble quarry

The Buguldeysky marble quarry is one of the main attractions of the Irkutsk region. Unfortunately, due to its tourist attraction, the quarry turned out to be littered and unkempt. Together with eco-activists, a large-scale subbotnik was held there. As a result, several tons of garbage were removed.