UFC, Fight Nights and ACA fighters provided the humanitarian aid to the Irkutsk Region


The +7 Fund provides support to professional sportsmen, including such MMA fighters as Nikita Krylov, Valery Myasnikov and Maxim Butorin. Each of them is not only a promising and hardworking athlete, but also a conscientious and responsive person, who shares the vision and principles of the Fund. Именно поэтому парни откликнулись, узнав, что в Иркутской области случилась большая беда. На этой неделе Никита, Валера и Макс отправили пострадавшим от наводнения предметы первой необходимости.

Hoping for the best and relying on the Russian Post, we expect the parcels will safely travel 5,000 km and people will shortly get all they need.

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Irkutsk branch of the Russian Red Cross.

9 A 2-ya Zheleznodorozhnaya Street, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, 664005