Irkutsk hospital will get the equipment amounting to 10 million rubles to combat coronavirus


Timofey Kurgin, Chairman of the +7 Fund Board, allocated 10 million rubles to purchase medical equipment to fight against coronavirus. In the course of the dialogue with the Irkutsk Ministry of Health, there were identified the primary needs, and the funds allocated were used to purchase two video gastroscopes, a video colonoscope, a video bronchoscope, and bronchoscopes of various design.

The project costs include, in excess of the medical equipment cost, in particular, costs for assembly services, installation (mounting), setup, adjustment and start-up of equipment; costs for training and briefing of specialists operating the equipment with respect to the safe equipment operation; costs of elimination of equipment defects and malfunctions during the warranty period; as well as registration of all necessary documents related to the equipment.

This step taken by Timofey Kurgin, the founder of the +7 Fund, was a reaction to the rapid spread of coronavirus throughout the world, however the equipment purchase and negotiations with the Regional Ministry of Health had taken place before the WHO announced the COVID-19 pandemic, as preventive actions are actually the key to success.