Man Akt

Man Akt

The Foundation's monthly award, in which the hero of good news, published within a month, receives one hundred thousand rubles. The first prize was transferred in August 2020.

Autumn 2021

Schoolgirl from Yekaterinburg Anna Nikiforova and 98-year-old veteran Nikolai Vlasov - winners of the "Man-Act" award in September

Summer 2021

Winner of the "Man-Act" award in August - 12-year-old jazzman from Arkhangelsk
Climbed to the third floor and rescued the children / Paratroopers from Kostroma received the #ManAct award

Spring 2021

He SAVES sick animals / Ornithologist from Sochi - winner of the "Man-Act" award in May
SAVED a classmate and received an award / "Man-Act" in April
A surgeon from Irkutsk saves the lives of newborns - he is known all over the world. Interview

Winter 2020-2021

Pulled a man out of boiling water, but got burned himself / "Man-Act" in February
Saved a girl from ice water and UNDERWENT A HEART SURGERY / "Man-Act" in January

Autumn 2020

Schoolboy SAVED THE LIFE OF FIVE CHILDREN during a fire // #ManAct in November
Builds a KINDERGARTEN FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN on its own. «Man-Act» in October
Schoolboy SAVED a five-year-old child and received 100 thousand rubles // "Man-Act" from the +7 Fund

Summer 2020

DOCTOR SAVED A CHILD after cardiac arrest // Resuscitator tells ABOUT BURNT OUT AND GRATITUDE
Saved four and received a reward. Vladimir Telepin is the winner of the "Man-Act" award