#ЧеловекПоступок (Acting Man)
Please help us choose the winners


As we’ve already mentioned, every month we will provide 100 thousand rubles to a person who has appeared in the news due to some good deed.

Starting from today, we kindly ask you to help us through voting in stories to choose eight finalists. Meanwhile, there are 16 news that we’ve selected together with the invited member of the jury, Svetlana Pavlova, editor-in-chief of “Irkutsk Online”.

So, here are 16 news and 16 heroes:

1. The Irkutsk surgeon performed unique surgeries on Sakhalin Island


2. A nurse practitioner from Belorechensky settlement told about saving a child on fire


3. In Buryatia a forest officer saved a fawn during the forest fire


4. An officer of the Federal National Guard Troops Service sews masks for doctors and children after his duty


5. An officer of the Federal National Guard Troops Service sews masks for doctors and children after his duty


6. A schoolboy from Kostroma passed the USE with 400 points


7. In Kaliningrad, a 13-year-old schoolchild with his dog helped apprehend a thief


8. Chelyabinsk surgeons performed an operation on a child born with the “torn” esophagus


9. He dived to a depth of four meters and found a man at the bottom: the resident of Ulyanovsk saved a man from drowning


10. Vladimir Telepin, Syktyvkar resident , saved four people in one day


11. An officer of the Federal National Guard Troops Service saved two men from drowning in the Angara


12. In Ufa, a young bartender at the “Solnechny” beach saved two people from drowningх


13. Simba lion cub, rescued by Karen Dalakyan, will go to Tanzania together with his lioness-friend


14. In the Tver Region, country dwellers gave a bike to a postman as a present


15. A dying swan was found by the road: a bird with a heat stroke was rescued near Chelyabinsk


16. ПThe helicopter pilot saved three children from drowning in Lake Baikal