Four passers-by in Kostroma rescued children from a burning apartment and received 100 thousand from the +7 fund


Residents of Kostroma rescued children from a burning apartment on the third floor and received the "Man-Act" award

ЛLast summer, the charitable foundation +7 launched the Man-Action Award. Every month we select 16 news stories whose heroes save lives, make scientific discoveries, help others and simply make the world around them a better place. After voting in social networks, four news will reach the final, and the winner, who is determined using a random number generator, receives a prize of 100 thousand rubles.

The finalists in the June vote were the following four news:

  1. A resident of Yalta saved 11 people during the flood
  2. In Kostroma, passers-by rescued three children from a fire in an apartment
  3. A girl from Kemerovo has developed a system that determines the risks of developing heart defects in infants
  4. In the Novosibirsk region, an eight-year-old girl took three children out of a smoky apartment and extinguished a fire

Actor Alexander Sokolovsky helped us choose the winner. An award of 100 thousand rubles went to Kostroma to the heroes of news # 2 Stanislav Smirnov, Jamal Gassoyan, Ivan Potemin and Kirill Nikitin.

Winner determination video

We contacted Potemin and Nikitin to find out how everything happened that day.

“I was at a car wash in the next block, - Potemin says. - My wife called and said that our neighbors were burning behind the wall. I throw everything and go home - people have already accumulated in the yard, and two men were hanging on the drainpipe, filming the children. I realized that I needed help, and went to the third. So it was transmitted in a living chain. Stanislav Smirnov climbed the highest, followed by Jamal.

We know this family - they are dysfunctional. They have seven children, five with them, two were taken to an orphanage. The fire was caused by a child playing with a lighter and setting the sofa on fire. They were locked with the upper lock, and the keys were only from the lower one. The apartment was completely burnt out in a matter of minutes».

«We were knocking down the door, - Nikitin continues. - At first I thought it was a piece of cardboard, but it turned out that it was a serious door. Colleagues then suggested that it was necessary to tear off the cladding and break it together with the anchors. And I immediately began to break the lock».

Ivan and Kirill are paratroopers. Potemin is in reserve, Nikitin continues to serve. According to Kirill, he doesn't like stereotypes about paratroopers.

«Of course it's frustrating. Sometimes people say that airborne troops are those who jumps into fountains. This is not true».