The children's hospital received new equipment, and the chief doctor told how it will help in the work


An outstanding surgeon from Irkutsk and +7 charitable foundation have improved the technical equipment of the Irkutsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital.

Yuri Kozlov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Pediatric Surgeon of the Highest Category, in April became a laureate of the “Man-Act” award of the +7 foundation and after that he joined the board of trustees of the charitable organization. The joint work of Yuri Andreevich and the fund's staff with the participation of the Russian Forest Association made it possible to provide the IGODKB with new equipment worth over 10 million rubles. On August 3, four Getinge Servo-air ventilators were delivered to the Children's Regional Hospital.

«I will probably remember this day forever, because it is a breakthrough day - these devices will not only prolong the life of children, but will make their breathing very comfortable». - says Yuri Andreevich.

«These devices can also support the vital functions of patients who are either sick or have covid or are in postcoid states. There are diseases that follow a serious coronavirus infection, the so-called multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which is accompanied by respiratory distress syndrome. Only good mechanical ventilation devices that we have received today will allow us to provide the respiratory function of such patients. Now we have two such patients», — the doctor said in an interview with a representative of the foundation.

Yuri Kozlov also drew attention to the problems facing medicine in general and Irkutsk healthcare institutions in particular: «In general, it is necessary to build new hospitals that would meet the standards that exist throughout the world. We are constantly trying to complete and improve something. Children's health care has gone far ahead. Now these are five-star hotels, where parents send their children and do not worry about the conditions at all. To treat, you need to create such conditions for patients and our main idea is to create patient-friendly hospitals. We want people to come to us with pain and leave with a smile.

There are still some machines that we need. There are two expert class devices that we are missing. Another problem is that in October, the minimally invasive technology company, Karl Storz, takes a sample of the surgical rack from us. And this is what I work on, for me it is like a violin or a piano for a musician», — said the surgeon.

In 2020, +7 also donated several pieces of equipment to one of the Irkutsk hospitals. At the moment, medicine remains one of the priorities of the charitable foundation.

Photos of the event are available here:

Interview with Yuri Kozlov for +7 based on the results of the "Man-Act" award: