Environmental campaign in the vicinity of Lake Baikal


Egor Lesnoy, the author and initiator of the project #SPASAIANEBOLTAI, continues to stand up for the Irkutsk reservoir purity. It’s great that more and more strong people join this project. Today we will illustrate what it takes (see more information on the problem in the previous publication) and why it requires great efforts.

We would like to say special thanks to Maxim Butorin, a professional athlete, who has closely cooperated with our Fund for a long time. And we are also grateful to the members of the “Start with yourself” movement and personally to Gleb Muravskiy.

If you are eager to take part in another campaign, be sure that it can literally replace any outdoor exercises or even some popular extreme sports.

In case you are interested, please contact Egor in social networks.