The +7 Fund delivers basic necessities to Zentsovo village


The villagers from Zentsovo, Nizhneudinsky District, got into trouble when the Uda River overflowed and just in four days several houses and a large area of developed territories were flooded. According to the head of Shirokovsky Municipal Entity Vladimir Yedakov, 11 families were most heavily affected. There were children among the affected people.Vladimir addressed the +7 Fund and we couldn’t stay indifferent to his request. So we provided basic necessities, bedclothes and kitchenware.

The Fund also plans to provide children of Tulunsky district with school accessories before the upcoming academic year for them to have everything they need to study at school.

Moreover, the +7 Fund will monitor the restoration of the Social Juvenile Rehabilitation Center in Nizhneudinsky district. The main goal of the Center, operating for over 10 years, is to provide medical care to orphans, children deprived of parental care, or children from low-income families. The basement and the first floor were destroyed during the disaster. The fences of playgrounds and the football field were washed away with the water stream. The vegetable storehouse was completely destroyed. In the nearest future, we plan to seek ways to restore the building.

The +7 Fund once again expresses condolences to families of the flood victims in the Irkutsk Region and is eager to provide its help.