Fund +7 awarded a second grader who saved her friend from icy water


The tenth winner has been determined within the framework of the "Man-Act" award. It was Diana Akushko from the city of Ob.

Charitable Foundation +7 continues to reward people who do good deeds. In April, the following four news were included in the list of finalists:

  1. In Blagoveshchensk, doctors continued to perform surgery in a burning cardiac center
  2. Near Novosibirsk, a second grader pulled out of the water a friend who fell through the ice
  3. Chelyabinsk second grader collected almost 100 kilograms of caps to help a girl with cerebral palsy
  4. A resident of Obninsk rescued a child from a sinking car

As a result, news # 2 was chosen as the winner of the live broadcast on the fund's Instagram using a random number generator. The choice was made by Vladimir Myshev, an employee of the foundation, and musician Kirill Batishta, invited as a special guest. Already on May 19, we were able to contact Diana's mother, Oksana, and promptly transfer the award to the Novosibirsk region.

«My friend Nastya and I were returning from school, she decided to take a shortcut and fell through the ice. I put my phone down and ran to give her a hand. It was a little scary, but I coped, - said eight-year-old Diana. - Nastya said "Thank you." I didn't even think that I could fail».

The girl's mother says that she did not immediately understand how serious the situation really was:

«There is a school a hundred meters from this lake and everyone there takes a shortcut. The sidewalk is not lit, not fenced, people often fall there, and I myself fell, fortunately, in the other direction. Diana came, we need to go to English, and she's all wet: boots, jacket, sundress. The boots were dried with a hairdryer. But after a week we walked, I asked where and where they failed, she showed and then I was really scared. I say: “Why didn’t you shout for help?” She speaks, screams, but people just walked by. Apparently, they thought that the children in April decided to swim. It's good that there is a hospital behind the school, Nastya's grandmother works there, she was pounded there, warmed, so everything ended well. On the one hand, I understand that Diana took a risk and didn't even take off her backpack and anything could happen. On the other hand, we are brought up in such a way, and we bring up our children in such a way that we always need to help», — the girl's mother told us.

The award in the amount of one hundred thousand rubles was transferred to the family of Diana Akushko on May 21.

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