The +7 Fund provided five tons of the humanitarian aid to the flood-affected people in Irkutsk


On June 29 after the flood affected several cities in the Irkutsk Region was covered in the news, our fund decided to help the affected people. A fund representative rented a truck loaded with the food (cereals, canned preserves), water and vanity kits (soap, toothbrushes, personal hygiene items).We planned to get to Nizhneudinsk, but by that time Tulun had already been flooded and the access to Nizhneudinsk was blocked. That is why we decided to deliver all the things needed by one truck: we were not sure whether the roads were accessible for any vehicles. As a result, 5 tons of cargo was delivered to Tulun. ТAccording to the person responsible for the cargo delivery, the locals created a kind of a sorting center to bundle humanitarian aid packages out of all the brought goods to be later given to people in need.

Let us recall that several districts of the Irkutsk Region were flooded at the same time: Tulunsky, Nizhneudinsky and Taishetsky were the most affected ones. Residents of Taishetsky district were among the first to report on the disaster:On June 26, residents of Solyanaya settlement reported that the river had overflowed its banks, destroyed the suspension bridge and filled up the floodplain.

The +7 Fund representative stayed in the place to provide assistance to the flood-affected people within several days.