+7 Fund donated 100 thousand rubles to a schoolchild who saved five children from a fire


After the completion of voting on our social networks, we contacted Sergey's family to transfer 100 thousand rubles to her, and with Sergey himself, who told us how he pulled small children out of a burning house.

«My friend and I sat in the room, watched TV, played, then looked out the window, saw people running to our house, shouting. My brother, Kolya, (12 years old) went into the next room, saw the smoke, called me, and I already saw that two rooms and the senses (entrance hall) were on fire. They did this: my friend Maxim Shevchenko got out first, and I transferred him all the others: Kolya, Andryusha, Liza, Raya and Katya, the youngest is one and a half years». — says Sergey Terekhov.

«I was born in Novosibirsk and I am very pleased to see that there are guys who can be used to show who a Siberian is. He did not flinch, rescued relatives, rescued pets, dreams of serving in special forces. I like our project «Man-Act» not only because we reward courageous people, but also because we can tell about them», — says Kirill Timofeev, President of the Foundation.

Sergey told us that after graduating from school, he wants to go to a military school, and then serve in the special forces. Now the Terekhov family lives in a house provided by the local authorities, and plans to spend one hundred thousand bonuses on its arrangement:

- You need to pay for the electricity, buy firewood for the winter, lay a carpet in the room. We need tools and household appliances.

When I was saving my relatives, I was not scared for myself, I was afraid that there might not be enough time, because the roof above us was already burning, and I thought that it might suddenly collapse. And then, when I got out into the street, I asked my neighbor to help untie the dogs and saw that my younger brother started something like a panic attack. Frightened, apparently. The Ministry of Emergencies conducted an examination and said that the cause of the fire was old wiring. Now we have been allocated money, and we live in a socially rented house. My friend Maxim and I were awarded medals. I would show you mine, but during the move, my mother put it in some folder and so far I just can't find it. - said the 15-year-old hero in an interview with the Foundation.

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