The + 7 Fund purchased a new house for the mother of seven children


Photo: Ria Novosti

The story of Diana from the Voronezh Region cannot make anyone stay indifferent. We are no exception. Diana from the Voronezh Region raises her seven children alone while living in a thirty-square-meter house.The house is not in good condition, however Diana does her best to keep her children warm and comfortable, while struggling with a serious illness.

The RIA Novosti report «РИА Новостей» is available if “Somewhere near Voronezh” typed into the search bar. The confession of the mother of seven children suffering from cancer”. ВUpon reading the story, it becomes clear and somewhat embarrassing to be afraid of horror films or to consider some small achievements of people we read about almost every day to be a remarkable feat. This story can make you feel different.

In the nearest future, the +7 Fund will give Diana the keys to her new home, where she can live together with her children. We are happy to be aware of this story and extremely impressed with the strength of this woman who has made great efforts to support her children, and actually regret that we cannot help all people in a difficult situation. May everything that has happened serve an example of good acts, and together we just have to keep doing good things as long as we have enough strength and capacities.