+7 Fund paid 100 thousand rubles to a resident of Tosno, who saved the girl's life at the cost of his own health


On January 8, Andrey Yegorov from Tosno saved a girl who fell through the ice, but he himself suffered from hypothermia and underwent heart surgery. Fund +7 donated one hundred thousand rubles to Andrey as part of the regular «Man-Act» award.

«We went with the child to ride the cheesecakes down the slide. There is a stream nearby, and I immediately told my son not to skate there, because the ice is weak. We climbed the hill, and the wife screamed that the child is in the water, a girl. I jumped there right away, crawled up to her on my elbows, and when I already took her armpits and began to pull them out, I broke the ice with my elbows. I found myself in the water, I kept the girl in the air so that she would not fall back. Somehow I didn't even think, cold - not cold, maybe the adrenaline was playing. The girl's mother ran up, we gave her the child. I had to go home quickly, because I was all wet. For two minutes you don't understand this, but then everything starts to freeze. I walked 300-400 meters away, and I felt bad. The chest creased sharply, I lost consciousness». – Andrey says.

«In this story, it is significant that a feat is also a rather big risk, and not just gratitude and several publications on the Internet. Unfortunately, sometimes you see that in order to save someone's life, a person really has to give part of his health, and not everyone may be ready for this. It is all the more pleasant that people capable of such deeds are among us and it is a great honor that we can thank and celebrate them. It seems to me that city residents, when they find out about such news, begin to feel more confident, because you understand that there is a person next to you who is capable of such an act for the sake of another», - says the President of the +7 Foundation Kirill Timofeev.

Andrei Egorov himself says that in the hospital he was prescribed an operation and a week later it was successfully performed. The funds received within the framework of the award, as the man admits, will help him undergo the necessary rehabilitation, with all the drugs prescribed by doctors.

«Initially, they were taken to the hospital - high pulse, arrhythmia. They put me in intensive care, they began to observe there. Later they sent me to the regional hospital on Lunacharsky Street and there, thanks to the doctors, the heart rhythm was restored. They operated on, the operation was successful, but the feeling was not pleasant. They told me to sit at home for a month in rehabilitation, then I can go to work and that's it. I work as a truck driver in Tosno, I live with my wife and child. The money from the fund, of course, reached. I will maintain my health, because the pills are not cheap prescribed, while I am being observed. They told them to be observed for three months - since they did the operation, they are responsible for me». –Andrey Egorov told.

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