The +7 Fund launches a computer game to support #SPASAIANEBOLTAI campaign (#DONOTPROMISE,JUSTHELP)


Virtual points collected by users will be converted into money to finance the environmental project..

+7 Russian Regional Development Fund officially announces the release of the game for smartphones and computers – “SPASAIANEBOLTAI” (DONOTPROMISE,JUSTHELP). When completing the levels and collecting garbage in different locations, the user can earn points which the Fund will convert into real money to finance the Environmental Project #SPASAIANEBOLTAI by Egor Lesnoy. This game has three levels which complexity is gradually increased. Each user can play the game and complete the levels an unlimited number of times. Every month the +7 Fund will transfer to the #SPASAIANEBOLTAI movement a sum of money equivalent to the sum of points collected by users within a month – up to 50,000 rubles.

“According to our philosophy people can participate in the project at any time and place, despite of their efforts and means. It doesn't matter how and in what way you want to make the world around cleaner, just remember: it’s not about cleaning up, but about putting an end to littering. I think that the game will help draw people’s attention to our project, and the money received will be used to cover the associated costs during the campaigns: fuel or food for those who joined us at the event,” comments Egor Lesnoy, the initiator of #SPASAIANEBOLTAI.

The marketing agency “Adict” from Irkutsk is responsible for technical aspects of the project and game development.

The game can be installed on smartphones, personal computers and tablets. You can find the game and read the rules with respect to transferring points and converting them into real money on the fund’s website by clicking the link: