Ilya Shkolnikov received 100 thousand for the construction of a unique kindergarten


A resident of Kazan won the «Man-Act» award in October. He single-handedly builds a kindergarten for his child and for other children who need it.

The news about Ilya, published in October on the website under the headline «An activist from Kazan creates the first conductive kindergarten in Russia for children with disabilities» became one of the four news of the month that made it into the final part of the competition and was chosen as the winner.

On November 19, the Foundation transferred one hundred thousand rubles to Ilya Shkolnikov as part of the «Man-Act» award. Ilya is building a kindergarten for young people who are struggling with cerebral palsy.

«I am a dad of a special child, and to build such a kindergarten, I was prompted by my personal need for it. My son needs a conductive kindergarten, but there is none here [in Kazan]. Before that, I worked in the advertising business and the prospects there were bright, because there is always work in this segment, but now the kindergarten eats up absolutely all the time. Sleeping 15 hours a week has become the norm», — Ilya says in an interview with the Foundation.

The Kazan administration in December last year provided Ilya with a premise for free use, and at the moment construction work is underway there. Conductive kindergarten, designed by Ilya Shkolnikov, will have to host 24 children who are struggling with cerebral palsy. The main emphasis in the methodology is placed on encouraging the child to action. To do this, special teachers will work with children in different programs. The main consultant will be the doctor Ida Igra from Israel. The ultimate goal of the kindergarten's work, together with the parents, is to make sure that the child, even with this difficult diagnosis, can fully live in modern society.

«When I calculated the budget, it turned out 9,140,000 rubles. Today, 3 - 3.5 million are not enough to complete the entire renovation and decoration. The «Man-Act» award will allow me to pay for the work of the team, which in the near future should be engaged in floor screed», — says Ilya Shkolnikov about his «All by myself» kindergarten project.

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