The laboratory in Irkutsk got new equipment


In recent months we all have seen many billboards, graffiti, posters and other materials containing words of gratitude or condolences for the doctors which is rather sad.

We acknowledge the significance and relevance of these words and decide to do our part to help doctors stay strong and healthy and continue fighting a tricky enemy.

The +7 Fund has allocated funds to supply new equipment to the Irkutsk Regional AIDS Center. A biosafety cabinet will be installed in the center to protect the staff and to mitigate the risk of air contamination in the working areas.To date, the laboratory has already performed over 15,000 screening tests.

“The new biosafety cabinet will serve as an additional protection means for the staff during work and will allow increasing the number of tests by 40% on average,” said Yulia Plotnikova, Chief Physician of the Irkutsk Regional AIDS Center.

Apart from the biosafety cabinet, the AIDS Center was also equipped with the isolated ventilation system, antiviral suits and specific reagents. We keep on working – we continue fighting.