Irkutsk hockey players train before visit to China


The rivalry between Russia, Canada and the United States in hockey is becoming more and more acute and more and more difficult for our country, one shall admit. Experts agree that we lose to North America both in large-scale involvement and availability of sports for children. Perhaps, the same is true for techniques and methods of training children.

The stories about some natural geniuses who have learned to play hockey themselves while riding on a frozen river seem quite peculiar and original, however it is rather an exception to the rule. But you can’t make a team of world-class players expecting to find such natural geniuses riding on frozen rivers.

That is why we continue supporting children’s sports and provide them opportunities to develop. Thanks to this support, children can take part in away competitions and train in good conditions.

Soon the team from Irkutsk will go to the tournament held in China. The +7 Fund hopes that this trip will create good impressions for some participants and will serve a reason to enjoy the life (which is important), while for others it is a major chance to improve their sportsmanship and take another step towards world-class hockey.