A rescuer from Irkutsk received one hundred thousand rubles from the +7 Fund. He saved a girl from Angara and received the «Man-Act» award


The protagonist of the news was the chairman of the Maratovskaya water-motor station, 58-year-old Evgeny Makarenko. When the signal came that a 13-year-old schoolgirl had jumped into the Angara from the bridge, Evgeny quickly launched a motor boat and, together with his partner, rescued the child from the water.

«We found the girl opposite the pedagogical institute, 500 meters from the bridge. Seeing us, she began to call for help. I shouted to raise my hand - I had to grab onto something. At that moment, she began to drown, but I managed to pull her out by the hand», — the Irk.ru website quotes Evgeny.

According to Makarenko, the inflated down jacket, which played the role of a life jacket, and the prompt actions of all participants in the rescue operation, and the experience of the rescuer himself helped to save the child: «I remember that in the summer a girl jumped from a bridge - fell flat and lay on the water without moving. When I swam to her, I already thought that I was done, I did not have time. But then he saw that he was breathing - he pulled it out and handed it over to the rescuers. We have already worked out the scheme with them», — Evgeny continues.

+7 Fund contacted Evgeny's son, Anton, and transferred the entire amount of the reward to the Makarenko family. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Eugene has not yet been able to give the Foundation an interview and take part in the filming of a video dedicated to his deed, but in the next few weeks we will try to rectify the situation.

«In stories where one person saves the life of another, it is captivating how differently such actions are felt for each of the participants: for one it becomes a second birthday, for the second - literally an outstretched hand and a good deed, but not at all. For us, this award is also a way to tell stories and show people like Eugene. This is a very good way to show that the heroes are really among us and outwardly they are no different from us», — says the +7 President Kirill Timofeev.

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