Focus areas


News agenda monitoring and own accident reporting system for the purposes of support by the charitable fund.


The Foundation's monthly award, in which the hero of good news, published within a month, receives one hundred thousand rubles. The first prize was transferred in August 2020.


One of the best ways to help people is to help those who save lives. The +7 Fund treats highly qualified Russian doctors with respect and tries to provide them with all the necessary support.

Organization and management of sport events and youth festivals, promotion of fighters and sports teams.


Urban environment monitoring; projects aimed at improving the quality and overall living conditions in the city.


Cooperation with public youth organizations and targeted assistance to initiative groups in the regions of the Russian Federation along with opportunities to share experience, to reinforce and develop the staff both within and beyond the region.


Organization and holding of sports events and youth festivals. Point support for professionals and novice athletes.

ECO +7

Caring for the environment and helping everyone who is ready to take the initiative in the protection and restoration of natural resources in Russia, cooperation with eco-activists and independent actions, interaction with experts in this field and targeted participation in projects related to improving the environmental situation.