Irkutsk artist impressed the city residents with his unusual graffiti

«“There are fundamental basics: religion and science. I respect scientists, especially mathematicians. They are as incomprehensible to me as artists for an average man, for instance. Mathematicians deal with abstractions. When I paint, I believe that it is about mathematics. I place all the items on the canvas in a certain way, while checking the details.It’s rather exciting to present them as figures, as measurements – subject to proportions – are the basics of drawing.In my work these basics are intermingled with some strokes,” says Stepan Shobolov, a street artist. Stepan created an unimaginably attractive drawing before one of the events in Irkutsk in the Kyoto Park located in Gorky Street, without agreeing the sketch with anyone, made it and was ready for his work to be painted over, he admitted.

The drawing portrays a post-apocalyptic city with incredible and unusual life forms which pertains to the artist’s desire to get inner freedom and do something new and what is more his desire to show that this is also possible. In contemporary art, there is a considerable number of examples when courage and attempts to break standards are disguised as vulgarity and stupidity, however in this case we can see an interesting and skillful piece of art. We wish Stepan prosperity, and the city – to have more artists noted both for their talent and courage. We wish anyone who will see this drawing to have some spare time, to look at it thoroughly to feel it without any hurry.