About the Fund
Talented people are the main asset of the Russian Federation. And they include not only those who live in modern metropolises, but also anyone who inhabits small towns, villages and settlements in Siberia, the Far East and the Far North. Our objective is to create new opportunities for people’s self-fulfillment, so that citizens of every region feel like a significant and integral part of our large country.
Fund name
+7 is a reference to the symbolic number found in literature, mythology, religion, and science. At the same time, it is the phone code of the Russian Federation in the international system. The second part of the charitable fund name – Russian Regional Development Fund – is consistent with its clearly defined objective: to carry out activities in those regions of the Russian Federation which, in our opinion, are often neglected. One of our goals is to differentiate between the notions “far” and “godforsaken” which have rather similar meanings.
Fund members
Timofey Kurgin
Chairman of the Fund Board
Alisa Kozak
Urban environment architect. Member of the Union of Architects of Russia. Graduate of the Urban Projects program at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and the Architects.rf program
Ruslan Provodnikov
Deputy of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - UGRA of the sixth convocation, World Boxing Champion
Anna Surkova
General manager Irk.ru
Alexey Zhelneev
Founder of the Fund +7
Margarita Lee
Vice President of the Russian Forest Association
Kirill Timofeev
Fund President
Vladimir Myshev
SMM specialist, coordinator of targeted assistance of the fund
Gleb Muravsky
Project manager, head of the volunteer movement
Ivan Smolkin
Vice President
Fundamental principles
We believe that the main asset of Russia is its talented and extraordinary people.
We are absolutely sure that the key to healthy society is personal involvement.
We focus on fostering an attitude of care towards our country and everything it provides us with.
We don’t want good deeds to stay in the background of scandals and bad actions.
We support
People who get into trouble
It is a great pity we cannot help everyone and have to make rather tough choices. The Charitable Fund is always supportive and attentive to those people who are right now in a tough situation and have nobody to rely upon. We always keep abreast of current events in our country and try to provide assistance, to the extent possible, to those who need it.
Talented people
In today's world, talent and aspiration should be multiplied by chances and opportunities. It is important for us that people who are ready to work hard, as well as are competent in one area or another, have the opportunity to realize their knowledge and reach new levels in their activities.
Promising athletes
Some people believe that assistance provided to athletes is worth investing, as it can be rewarding in case they make good progress. We consider such assistance to be global investments because any successful athlete can serve as a role model for thousands of people to develop. We provide support to those who are not only strong athletes, but also decent people as well.
Religious institutions
The church, like religion, is fundamental and flexible at the same time. For some people, it can act as a friend or a mentor, for others – a psychologist or an assistant. The church mission is to be supportive and offer people help. Our goal is to make our best to ensure that no circumstances can prevent the church from performing its mission.
Educational institutions
There is a limited number of people in our society who did not receive school education. That means that teachers and all those who keep in touch and influence the growing children play a special role in our society development. For this reason we try to make our best to ensure that both teachers and students feel part of our big and strong country.