The first stage of the competition organized by Roy Jones is coming to a close


All rules and details of the project are available at, however we would like to remind you that this is the last week of the preliminary stage.

Have you read the terms and conditions and you are a boxer, living in the Irkutsk Region or Krasnoyarsk Territory. Are you ready to record your contest video, but have doubts, you won’t beat your opponents? Are you afraid that you may look stupid? Just imagine that you will have even more doubts before important fights. And you will be even more nervous.

And doesn't sport teach us to be competitive and brave? Doesn't sport teach us to demonstrate our skills not only to the opponent, but also to the public? Doesn't sport teach us to cope with doubts? Doesn't sport teach us to win even if it seems impossible?And, if you constantly doubt, is it worth working so hard during trainings? Participation in the contest is like participation in competitions, it is an opportunity to practice, but in a different way. Is it worth being afraid instead of acting? And is it worth giving up while pursuing your dream?