The pilot saved the lives of 234 people – who is he? +7 facts about Damir Yusupov


The aircraft commander Damir Yusupov managed to land the Airbus A321 amidst the cornfield without extending the gears due to the engine malfunction caused by a flock of seagulls getting into turbines. Key facts about the man who saved over two hundred lives.

1. Damir was born in 1977 in Igarka city (Krasnoyarsk Territory), his father was a pilot of MI-8 helicopter.

2. He lives in Yekaterinburg, where the headquarters of Ural Airlines is located.

3. It is notable that Damir failed to enter the flight school on the first attempt, as he did not meet the medical requirements and he entered the school for the second time at the age of 32!

4. He loves listening to the “Kino” group and works by Victor Tsoi.The audio recordings of the pilot include songs by “Time Machine” Group, Zemfira, “Bravo” and Scorpions.

5. We can assume that he is interested in boxing. In social networks Damir Yusupov is a follower to the public page of Vasily Lomachenko and Mike Tyson.

6. His flying hours amount to 80 days of net time (flight time – about 2,000 hours).

7. He speaks fluent English.

Damir has four children. He met his wife on the plane, while actually being a passenger. The whole story is fantastic! “My little daughter and I went on vacation to Krasnodar. We took our seats in the end row,” his wife remembers. — The cabin was full, there was one free seat left, in our row by the window. And then everything happened like in a movie: there came a handsome man wearing the uniform. And I told him: “You must be willing to join us?” I meant the seat next to ours. However, he happened to join our family. My sociable daughter was quite fond of this man in uniform, so she played with him during the whole flight. Two weeks later, when we were returning back to the Urals, I got a message in the social network and I realized who this passenger was. It turned out that he had read my name and surname in the air ticket. Six months later we got married.”.


We are proud of you!