Winner of the «Man-Act» in August


A resuscitator from Moscow won the «Man-Act» Award in August

The +7 Charitable Foundation transfers monetary rewards to the hero of good news every month. The winner in August was Pyotr Davydov, a doctor who managed to save a child from cardiac arrest.

Several Moscow resources immediately published the news about the amazing rescue of a 12-year-old boy at the end of August. The ambulance doctor who came to the call tried for about half an hour to restore the work of the child's stopped heart, and as a result, Pyotr Davydov managed to save another life.

Graduate of the University. N.I. Pirogov (2008) Pyotr Davydov works as an ambulance doctor in Moscow and for his brilliant act received a prize of one hundred thousand rubles from the Fund.

«Cardiac arrest in a child is not something that the ambulance team is faced with every day, — says Pyotr Davydov, — but many factors have come together, and all this has led to a fairly successful result. It should be noted that the boy's uncle reacted very well, under the guidance of the ambulance dispatcher, he carried out resuscitation measures and by the time of our arrival there were still no signs of biological death - we had the opportunity to save the child. At the 15th minute of resuscitation, a rhythm appeared, but the rhythm was not quite correct. Arrhythmia relief did not lead to the desired results. It was decided to take the child to the hospital, using an automatic compression device - there have never been such cases in our country. During the operation of this apparatus, we saw that there are encouraging signs. At the same time, repeated defibrillations, the introduction of antiarrhythmic and sedative drugs were carried out. In such conditions, the child was taken to the hospital, and already there we continued resuscitation measures. Somewhere in the 30th minute, we saw that the rhythm was restored and signs of spontaneous circulation appeared».

Pyotr Davydov was one of the doctors who worked at the Russian FIFA World Cup. In his free time he is fond of arm wrestling.

Let us remind you that the first winner of the «Man-Act» award was Vladimir Telepin from the village of Sedkyrkesh, who saved four people while swimming in a pond.