Winner of the «Man-Act» in September


A schoolboy from Khabarovsk received the «Man-Act» award in September

11-year-old Roman Kolesov saved a child while fishing.

Roman Kolesov and a friend were fishing on the Amur River when he saw that a 5-year-old boy fell from the bank into the water and began to drown. Roma jumped into the water, in a few seconds he managed to drag the child to the shore and push him to the ground, where the adults were already standing and managed to help the children get out of the river.

«I learned to swim a long time ago, two or three years ago, I can swim well and far, —Roman says, — I had no doubt that I had to do this, because human life is one: today it exists, and tomorrow it is gone».

Roman's mom works as a nurse in Khabarovsk and, to our delight, agreed to accept the award from the Fund.

«At first I was a little suspicious of this, but then I looked at the information and made sure everything was in order. Roma has always been quite lucky, I think he can now play the lottery, maybe he’ll win there too», — says Ksenia Aleksandrovna.

Roman Kolesov became the third winner of the «Man-Act» prize in the amount of one hundred thousand rubles (the money was transferred to the Kolesov family on October 23). In July, the prize was won by Vladimir Telepin from the Komi Republic, who saved four people while swimming in a pond. In August - Peter Davydov, a resuscitator, who, due to his own professionalism, saved a child after cardiac arrest.