Winner of the "Man-Act" award in August - 12-year-old jazzman from Arkhangelsk


The aspiring musician David Litovchenko won several competitions playing the saxophone, and in the summer he practiced on the Arkhangelsk embankment to save up for his mother's trip to Lake Baikal. The news about this won the prize of the +7 Fund "Man-Act".

The Man-Action Award, established by the +7 foundation, is awarded once a month to the hero of the news about a good deed. During the month, the charitable foundation collects publications about good deeds, and then sums up the results using voting on social networks and a random number generator.

This time, using a random number generator, guys from WooDooMedia helped us to choose the news: Marik Beschokov, Khteag Koliev and Khetag Khugaev. It was they who chose No. 3 - “a 12-year-old schoolboy from Arkhangelsk helped fulfill my mother’s dream to visit Baikal, playing the trumpet on the embankment”. ++7 Fund contacted David Litovchenko's mother, Natalia, and transferred one hundred thousand rubles to the winners.

- At first I played on the embankment for myself, I didn't save anywhere. It was just nice to give smiles to people, - says David, - I played jazz, music from films, something from the classics. When you play songs from films, for example "Prisoner of the Caucasus", "Gentlemen of Fortune" or "And I walk around Moscow", people react better. One feels that not everyone knows jazz. Once I was asked to play Leps, but I don’t even remember what it was, because I don’t listen to that kind of music. It is sometimes asked to play "There is only a moment", so people often played it. That my mother had a dream to go to Lake Baikal, I heard quite by accident and decided to save up for our vacation. Mom, when she found out about this, was beside herself with happiness. And our trip has come to pass.

As we found out, David is one of the most talented young saxophonists in Russia. At the competition in Moscow, the jury rated the 12-year-old student very highly, calling him “Russian Chet Baker”.

- I have been studying music since the age of six with Panova Lyudmila Borisovna. I was carried away by jazz from the fifth grade, before that I was more interested in classics. I try to study at home for an hour every day. Even if I don't have time, I can pick up the trumpet in the evening and play a little. At school I finished 5th and 6th grades with grades, and in music grades I also graduated without grades. The guys treat me very well. You know, it happens that children can fight among themselves, arrange anything there, but usually no one bothers me.

Talking to David, we decided to ask him what he thinks about the performers who are often cited as examples when they talk about bad music:

- If you take Morgenstern and Djigan, their culture itself is low. But Djigan still, perhaps, does not insert this culture into the songs (although I still don’t listen to him), but Morgenstern inserts his inner world into his songs. In fact, he does this to become more popular, maybe for the sake of the image, but he still disgusts him. From popular music, I liked the song of the group "Nerves", I watched the TV project "Mask", their song sounded there, I found the original and began to listen.

I myself want to become a jazzman in the future. There is also such a dream - to open my own restaurant, because I love to cook very much, and so that there was, for example, a dish from the chef. David also told us that he loves to read, on the way to the competition in Moscow on the train, the future jazzman solved mathematical problems and read the book "Pi Day" and began "The Chronicle of the Wandering Cat"