A surgeon from Irkutsk became the winner of the «Man-Act» award in March


Yuri Kozlov is considered one of the best pediatric surgeons in Russia: he saved several thousand lives by performing complex operations on newborns. +7 Fund awarded the professor with a prize after the news about the rescued child in Ulan-Ude.

The Man-Act Prize, established by the +7 Fund, has found its laureate for the ninth time. It was the world-renowned Irkutsk surgeon Yuri Kozlov. His latest surgery made a shortlist of four news headlines in March: 

  1. In Bashkiria, a paramedic rescued three children from a smoky house and extinguished a fire
  2. 5-graders rescued a man who fell out of a window near Voronezh
  3. Irkutsk surgeon Yuri Kozlov saved the life of a newborn boy in Ulan-Ude
  4. Bartender rescued three adults and a child from a gas explosion in a high-rise building in Khimki

+7 Fund monthly awards one hundred thousand rubles to the hero of one good news. This time, Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics Margarita Mamun helped us choose the winner using a random number generator. 

(video with the determination of the winner - https://www.instagram.com/p/CNcyAEVIolA/)

The prize was transferred from the +7 Fund to Yuri, and we also managed to talk with a specialist about his work:

«We dealt with a patient whose part of the esophagus was missing, - Yuri says about the operation in Ulan-Ude. - The upper segment ended blindly, and the lower one connected to the trachea. It was necessary to restore the patency of the esophagus. The patient from Buryatia was only two days old, but by our standards this is already an «old patient», we usually operate in the first hours of life. The operation was performed using minimally invasive surgery technologies, without incisions. Moreover, we performed such an operation for the first time in the country in 2003, and in America such an operation was performed for the first time only four years before».

In an interview with a representative of the Foundation, Yuri said that he plans to donate this award for his hospital to celebrate the 35th anniversary. The doctor admitted that he does this with most of the awards that are awarded to him. 

«Every time I come to work, I understand that our patients will outlive me. From this thought it becomes very joyful, - the doctor of medical sciences and a practicing surgeon since 1993 shares his secrets. - Major surgery is often a lengthy surgery, the operation in Ulan-Ude lasted almost six hours, two months ago I was in Uzbekistan and we performed 20 operations there in three days. Everything went well, but sports and a healthy lifestyle help for endurance. I understand that life is finite and you need to keep up with everything - within a year I got up on ice and roller skates, on a snowboard, got on a motorcycle. But this is not a tribute to fashion, I realized that I should also be an example of a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean that I should flex my muscles, but simply emit the light of a healthy person: be with a living mind and have normal body proportions».