Upon training at the camp in Irkutsk, the Russian national team wins gold medals in Korea


Alexander Maltsev is called the first male synchronized swimmer or “the first guy in synchronized swimming”. For a long time Maltsev has practiced synchronized swimming while being optimistic about the future of this sport. “Swimmers and water polo players were laughing at me”, the future champion recalls when describing the attitude of other water sportsmen to his decision.

Sasha’s debut was in 2015 at the major tournament – World Championships in Kazan. It was the first tournament where mixed-sex pairs were allowed to take part.

And this week, Alexander Maltsev and his partner Maya Gurbanberdieva have won gold at the World Championship in Korean Gwangju in the synchronized swimming technical routine.

Another duet from Russia got also golden medals: Svetlana Romashina and Svetlana Kolesnichenko. The girls outmatched pairs from China and Ukraine.

For us this news is especially good, as the +7 Fund became one of the organizers of the training camp for sportsmen in Irkutsk.In that camp the athletes and coaches trained before the important event. Now there is no doubt that the athletes have got perfectly trained.

Фото: Александр Вильф/РИА Новости