«Acting Man» award


The charitable +7 Fund announces an “Acting Man” award to be given to heroes appeared in the news

The charitable +7 Fund announces an award amounting to a hundred thousand rubles which will be given to people who appear in the news due to their good deeds. The “Acting Man” award will start in July 2020 and will last until November. It is planned that people who have done something good at work or in private life, who have appeared in the news or social networks owing to their good deeds or their talent, will automatically become applicants for the prize amounting to one hundred thousand rubles.

The contest has three stages. At the first stage, the responsible person of the Fund will gather news published within one calendar month: both on his own and via feedback. After that the Fund Board will choose 16 finalists. The second stage will include voting in social networks, following which we will select 7+ (8 or 9) applicants. In the third stage, a random number generator will choose a winner who will receive one hundred thousand rubles. The winner of the award will be determined every month from July to November 2020.

“We are well aware that among the heroes will be those who have saved someone’s life, helped fight the fire, fished someone out of an ice-hole, or have written an awesome literary work. And we don’t mean that such an act is worth the sum we provide. This sum is another way to say “thank you” for this deed, to make a person feel good. It is the way to go public with a good deed,” Kirill Timofeev, Executive Director of the Fund, commented on the award./p>

The main goal of the award is to thank the heroes who are among us, to draw people’s attention to those who do good and to get everyone motivated for such deeds.

The rules of the “Acting Man” competitive award