An ornithologist from Sochi received the Man-Act Award in May


Charitable Foundation +7 transferred one hundred thousand rubles to a biologist who treats birds for free on his locality in Sochi.

Actor Aristarkh Venes helped with the selection of the winner in May, and on June 14, together with the fund's employee Vladimir Myshev, the actor chose news # 3 from the list of finalists - watch instagram.

  1. Irkutsk rescued a drowning boy during a festive fireworks display
  2. In the Perm Territory, a teenager rescued two drowning girls
  3. In Sochi, an ornithologist voluntarily rescues wounded birds
  4. Crane operator rescued four people from the roof of a burning school in Kamchatka

Alexander Parfirevich Dvoretsky, a biologist by education, moved to his house from an apartment in order to be able to treat animals in an impromptu veterinary clinic. Representatives of the Foundation contacted a Sochi ornithologist and transferred one hundred thousand rubles to him.

«Now I have about four hundred of them: some are being treated, some are being rehabilitated, some are just on maintenance. People turn to me not only in Sochi, but also throughout the country and from abroad. And not only with birds - now a woman called from Budapest, there she has problems with her horse. In general, I am a biologist by education with an ornithological bias. I am engaged in ornithology, because our veterinarians treat only dogs and cats, and in other cases they give my phone number», - Alexander Porfirevich Dvoretsky told the fund in an interview with the fund's staff.

Interview - watch the video

Videos about Butler in May 2021 were published by the Mash Telegram channel and the Ruptly portal.

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