Roy Jones and Russia


In 1986, Roy Jones Jr. had a boxing match in Moscow at the Goodwill Games which he lost to Igor Ruzhnikov.

In 1988, before Roy was marked down by the judges in the final of the Olympic Games, the future world boxing superhero had beaten Evgeny Zaitsev, the USSR athlete. In the early 2000s, Vladimir Gendlin sensationally talked about him on NTV and the First Channel, and those who had a Bluetooth phone, shared pixel videos – segments of his fights.

In May 2011, he had a world-famous match with Denis Lebedev.

At the very end of 2012, Roy Jones came to Yakutsk to rap. In 2013, 2014, 2015 he had one fight in Russia resulting in: two victories, one defeat. In August 2015, the sportsman met the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Crimea and within a month became the Russian national..

Now Roy Jones is planning to travel through Siberia to personally evaluate skills of young boxers and provide support to the most promising of them. As part of the “Path to Ultimate Victory” project, he will watch the contest videos and personally contact the most successful applicants to help them make progress in their career.

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