Roy Jones will go to Siberia to search for talents


One of the best athletes in the sports history, Roy Jones Jr., launches in Russia a social project for young boxers entitled “Path to Ultimate Victory” supported by both the +7 Fund and the National Association of Timber Industry “Russian Forest”.

Search for talented young people.

Quote: “The most talented racer ever might live in Siberia. The problem is that he has never seen a racing car.” (c) Jackie Stewart, three-time Formula 1 champion

Terms and Conditions: Young boxers aged from 10 to 17 years are allowed to participate. Selection conditions are available on The first two regions to be covered by the project are the Irkutsk Region and Krasnoyarsk Territory. ЗHere, one may apply for the project from September 15 to October 15. ПAfter application deadline, during the final preliminary stage in Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk Roy Jones will select, at his own discretion, the boxers to join his team.

Roy says: “I’d like to help the Russian boys become real fighters to be proud of. Russia is a very large country, many novice athletes live in villages and small towns. Most of them believe that they will never be able to reach the world level, but it is not true. Boxing is not just about strength. It is about energy, will, concentration, health. Boxing is success in life. My project is about love – to people, sport and boxing. We must offer talented boys from the remote places of Russia an opportunity to find themselves and build high self-esteem. This allows them to think fondly of their families, the country and their own role in it.”