Roy Jones has selected the winners of the Path to Ultimate Victory project


The final stage of the joint project of the Foundation +7 and Roy Jones "The Path to Absolute Victory" took place in the federal territory of Sirius in Sochi. Based on the results of several special trainings and master classes, three winners were selected. 

The Path to Absolute Victory, which started in September 2019, ended in Sochi. As a reminder, in October Roy held open trainings in Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. In November - in Moscow. As a result, 30 finalists were determined from among boxers aged 10 to 17 years old, 10 from each region. In total, 700 applications were sent to the competition.

In 2020, the project was frozen due to a difficult epidemiological situation, but in 2021 it was resumed and entered the home stretch in the fall.

As it was announced from the very beginning, 30 winners held a training camp with Roy Jones in Sochi. In the final part of the training camp, three winners were determined, who received special prizes. Roy Jones also conducted open training for more than 300 students from sports schools and boxing sections in Sochi. 

During ten days of training camp in the federal territory of Sirius, young boxers held several trainings under the leadership of Roy Jones, as well as with specially invited trainers from the +7 fund Vladimir Myshev (11 wins 0 losses) and Valeria Rodionova (Russian champion; 1-0). At the final training session on October 22, Roy Jones personally determined the winners of the project out of 30 athletes who came to the Krasnodar Territory with the assistance of the +7 foundation.

They are: Dalgat Arslanbekov from the Moscow Region - in the junior group (receives 50,000 rubles and the same amount for Ultimatum Boxing equipment); Leonid Yudenko, Stepan Kupriets and Rajabboy Rakhimov received three incentive prizes of 20 thousand rubles each.

Mikhail Shtabel from Irkutsk - in the middle group (100,000 rubles and a ticket to an evening of professional boxing), three incentive prizes of 25,000 rubles each were received by Georgy Gomulak, Diana Ostroukhova and Nikita Baranov.

Khudobakh Avdzhamilov from Moscow - in the senior group (150,000 rubles and a professional fight contract under the auspices of the Roy Jones company). Valery Prokhorov, Nikita Kletsko and Yakov Klesh received incentive prizes of 30,000 rubles each.

«I will never forget the moment when I saw Muhammad Ali as a child. I so wanted to be like him! I have always dreamed of becoming a world champion, an Olympic champion... And I became one. I decided to launch this project because I want to give children in Russia the opportunity to reach their goals and train with me. Give an opportunity to realize a dream, suggest, help. Give tools to talented, gifted children to make their dreams come true. It is imperative that children do not give up and follow their dreams, their goals. 

And I am happy to help them achieve this. This is especially important for children from the provinces, for families who do not have the opportunity to promote their child on their own. And this is one of the tasks of our project - to show other successful people how you can inspire young people. I want there to be more similar projects in Russia and in the world», — Roy Jones commented on the results of the project.