Happy Victory Day!


It is rather difficult to find some original words to honor the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory in the Great War, but life itself offers us new possibilities and reasons for new words.

It is the first time ever when no festive events were organized in the winning country on the occasion of this holiday, but let us be honest – it is within our power to congratulate those who can be called “guests of honor”. Namely, those people thanks to whom the ninth day of May is the Victory Day in our country. The +7 Fund is happy to congratulate the veterans and not merely in words. And, of course, anyone can join us.

There are more important things for everyone who may look forward to fireworks, parades, mass festivities and meetings with friends. On this day each of us with regard to the current conditions has an opportunity to celebrate the holiday in a different way and feel for at least one hundredth of a percent what it means to win the national war. Once again we have to struggle for our health and future, and we have to admit it is not an easy thing.We read the news about the war heroes and those dead over and over.

And there is hardly a better reason to be strong than such an important day for our country. We have to stay strong not even for ourselves and our relatives, but to honor those who brought peace to our country 75 years ago. Probably, instead of any fireworks it will be better to thank our veterans for their honorable struggle and victory so that we’ll be able to gracefully cope with the current situation: to prove that there are smart, kind-hearted and strong people on the land, which was the home for millions of our predecessors.

Let us win today in memory of those whose victory we can never forget.

Happy holiday!