Schoolgirl from Yekaterinburg Anna Nikiforova and 98-year-old veteran Nikolai Vlasov - winners of the "Man-Act" award in September


Anna Nikiforova, an 11-grade student from Yekaterinburg, within the framework of the #blagoshopper project, together with her great-grandfather, sewed 125 eco-bags, the proceeds of which were used to help children. The news of this won the "Man-Act" Award in September.

17-year-old Anna Nikiforova from Yekaterinburg participated in several charity events as a volunteer, but, as she herself says, she decided to help children, communicate with them and at the same time create something material.

Then the girl came up with the idea to sew several shopping bags, put children's drawings on them, and transfer the funds from the sale of products to children who need them. Anna invited her great-grandfather Nikolay Vlasov as her assistant, who mastered sewing skills near Berlin in 1945.

- Of course, I didn’t immediately come up with the idea that my great-grandfather would sew bags on which we would put children's drawings. The idea was to volunteer. Then, through my mother, I went to the Children of Russia fund, and later I narrowed my focus from volunteering to shoppers, — says Anna.

According to the girl, her great-grandfather Nikolai Vlasov leads an active lifestyle: he is invited to schools and kindergartens, he goes to meetings of veterans, works in the country, reads a lot and walks. At the same time, not so long ago, Nikolai Spiridonovich contracted a coronavirus and was in the hospital with a serious lung injury, but defeated the disease. One of the veteran's hobbies is sewing, so he immediately agreed to help with the manufacture of bags.

“When we started working on a detailed plan, it became clear that it would be costly to sew or buy shoppers,” — Anna continues.

- We decided to ask grandfather for help. He is good at sewing and loves to do it. I told him about the idea - he immediately said that he was ready. I brought a shopper with which I go myself. Great-grandfather said it was very easy to sew it. He can make four or five shoppers a day, and over the summer he has made 125. He has an old typewriter, but he refuses modern models.

Anna donated half of the prize to the Children of Russia Foundation. According to the girl, it was important for her to do charity work and meet new people.

“I wanted to get a new experience, - says Anna. - Understand how other people can live, expand the experience of communicating with them. Different people, different stories are always great. And when you also help them, I don’t know how you can not do this".