An Emergencies Ministry employee received the "Man-Act" award for saving a person at risk to his own health


Boris Klyukov, an employee of the Volzhsky Ministry of Emergency Situations, received severe burns while rescuing a man after a pipe burst. The +7 Fund awarded Boris with the monthly Man-Act Award.

The +7 Fund continues to reward people who live next to us once a month and get into the news with actions that command respect, demonstrate indifference to each other and an active civic position. There were four news headlines in the final of the competition in February:

  1. In Bratsk, a boy from an orphanage rescued a man freezing in severe frost
  2. An employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations rescued Volzhan from boiling water, but he himself almost lost his legs
  3. In the Kuban, a paramedic made his way through the snowdrifts for two kilometers to a sick pensioner and saved him
  4. In Vladivostok, an 11-year-old schoolboy rescued a friend who fell through the ice on Lake Chan

The winner - within the framework of the competition rules - was chosen at random, and it was headline # 2. It was about Boris Klyukov, a rescuer from the Volgograd region. Seriously risking his own health, Boris came to the aid of a 75-year-old man who ended up in a boiling water pit after an accident at a heating network section.

We transferred 100 thousand rubles to Boris.

«We received a call - an accident at the intersection of Mira and Olomoucka streets. Arriving at the scene, we saw a lot of steam and found that the victim may be at the scene of the accident, - says the rescuer himself. - As it turned out, it was a 75-year-old man who fell into a storm at the site of the breakthrough. We tied ourselves with ropes and went to his aid. The pipe that burst was 600 mm in diameter. Accordingly, under high pressure, a lot of water did not leak out, the soil eroded, and when I was moving towards the victim, in one place the asphalt underneath me fell through, I stepped into the boiling water with my foot. Water poured into my boot. He threw off his boot, poured water and got to the victim. I tied it with a rope so I could pull it out. When we went out, in spite of the fact that we were going the other way, I again scooped both with my left and a little with my right boot. I poured out the water, my legs got cold, and I even helped my colleagues to carry the man on the stretcher to the ambulance, although when the stretcher was being carried, I already felt that I could not put my leg normally, I was walking in a semi-squat. Like hedgehogs in boots. Then, in our car, he began to take off his clothes and saw that the skin along with the socks, one might say, is being removed».


Boris was immediately taken to the burn center, and for over a month the 28-year-old rescuer received the necessary medical assistance.

«The ambulance took me to the hospital in Volgograd very quickly, - says Boris in an interview with the +7 Fund. - There they prescribed skin grafts several times, but in the end, after cleaning, the doctors looked and decided to abandon it. The doctor advised me to start walking so that my leg would heal faster. In the early days, of course, it was hard to do, at first I walked with a badik (cane), now it’s already possible without it. The wounds on the leg still remain, not everything is overgrown, but the leg is gradually recovering. Doctors say that then it will be necessary to do more exercise therapy and recover.


I really hope that I can return to the Emergencies Ministry, there seems to be a favorable forecast. Why do I want to come back? In general, since childhood, I liked helping people. At first I was a blood donor. I remember the first time, when I passed the plasma, I returned home so happy, I thought that someone would come nishtyak. And in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, you always think how nice it is for the person you will help that we will now come and save someone. I can honestly tell you that even my wife came into my ward in tears and said: “Well, what's all about this work !?”. I immediately said, either do not come to me, or do not say such words. People received injuries more difficult and risked more. Nothing like this has happened to me yet. But you know, when you go in the car to the exit, you directly feel that it is yours».


The President of the Fund +7 Kirill Timofeev comments on the act of the Volgograd resident, who became the eighth winner of the award: “Of course, I understand that the risk that firefighters and rescuers take is not assessed by any money. For us, this award is also an opportunity to tell others about these people, but it will be strange if we, as a charitable foundation, take on the role of the media and nothing more. We are trying to somehow support our heroes ... As Boris himself amusingly said about the donation of plasma, "someone will get a treat", we want the good deeds of these people to remain in their memory too, thanks to some things that they perhaps allow themselves to our modest reward».

The previous month, the winner of the award was a resident of Tosno who rescued a child from an ice hole. Read more about this in our social networks.

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About the award «Man-Act»

During the month, the "+7" Fund is looking for news about people who have done good deeds or have shown themselves extraordinarily in the performance of their work duties. A special jury will select 16 news items to qualify for the quarterfinals. Then subscribers in social networks form a short list of eight, and then of four finalist news, after which a random number generator selects the winning news, the hero of which receives an award of 100 thousand rubles. You can follow the progress of the competition and participate in voting on the Fund's page on the social network «Instagram»: @plussevenfund.