The +7 Fund Board discussed the upcoming “Upward Motion” Forum


He just asked me the name of Olga’s son and made a decision to help the family with housing,” said Kirill Timofeev, the Executive Director of the Fund. Обсудили предстоящий форум «Движение вверх» и движение вверх в буквальном смысле: They discussed the upcoming “Upward Motion” Forum and steps for moving up in a strict sense:

In the nearest future, we plan to appoint a curator to be in charge of each focus areas of the Fund. We expect every curator to propose initiatives and have no doubts that won't be far behind.

At present it might seem that our global tasks and solutions to them are beyond the reach, however it is no secret that if you need to take 10,000 steps, at the start you’ll still have to take the first one. This year, we have managed to do it.