“Extreme Expo” Festival was held in Elista


“Extreme Expo” Festival was held in “Druzhba” Park on Victory Square which brought together over 2,500 spectators

The opening ceremony of the festival was attended by Pavel Kolobkov, the Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation and Batu Khasikov, Acting Head of the Republic of Kalmykia.

Participants and winners:

Freestyle bike show (exhibition)

There are 6 riders from Moscow and the Moscow Region:

– Rafael Suleimanov – the winner of many Russian competitions, participant of the BMX World Championship and other international competitions

— – Nikita Paustian – BMX coach of XSA sport school (2013-2018), winner of the Channel One Cup (International Festival of Circus Art in Moscow), participant of the extreme show during the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Sochi, participant of the closing ceremony of the Jackie Chan Action Film Week 2019 in China

– Alexey Stepanov – Moscow Big Air Champion, winner of various Russian competitions, participant of Russian and international shows, coach of the BMX freestyle Chinese national team

— Sergey Suponin – participant of the BMX World Championship in Germany

– Ruslan Kutlubaev – two-time BMX champion of Russia in dirt jumping

– Arseniy Poddubny is a multiple prizer and a winner of all-Russian MTB competitions, such as Moscow City Games

Panna is a kind of street football.

СDuring this game two players, head-to-head, have a match in a “cage” – an arena for panna. Each of them tries to throw the ball between the legs of the opponent to clinch the win, and if it fails, the winner is determined based on the most goals scored at the end of the match.

52 people took part in the panna competition.

Prize winners:

1st place – Kirsan Takaev

2nd place – Arltan Burinov

3rd place – Vlad Bogoslavskii

Streetball (3x3)

Girls under 18 years:

1st place – Altsynhuta I

2nd place – Altsynhuta III

Boys under 18 years:

1st place – Vostok (East)

2nd place – SHUM

3rd place – Dream Team

Women aged 18 +:

1st place – Altsynhuta I

2st place — Altsynhuta II

3st place — Likbosh I

Men aged 18 +:

1st place – Kalm GU (Kalmyk State University)

2nd place – BK and Oirats

3rd place – Serdtseedy (Heartbreakers)

Kalmyk wrestling (Бөк бәрлдән):

Weight category up to 65 kg:

1st place – Ulan Badmaev

2nd place – Baatr Gariaev

3rd place – Chingis Shuraev

Weight category over 75 kg:

1st place – Bata Soiatiev

2nd place – Artur Genzeev

3rd place – Dzhangr Adianov

Weight category over 75 kg:

1st place – Andzha Muzykov

2nd place – Bair Khordaev

3rd place – Basang Basaev

Rap Battles

Lev RE-Pac Kiselev and his band performed at the event

Lev RE-Pac Kiselev is one of the founders of rap freestyle in Russia, the initiator of the freestyle workshop, a participant of the show “Evening Urgant”, Versus, Slovo, “Rvat on Bitah” battle.

1st place – Ksenia Logunova (Moscow)

2nd place – Ilia Dodylin (Moscow)

3rd place – Sergei Andreev (Moscow)