The restoration of the church damaged in the fire in Irkutsk is on the way


In June 2017, the building of St. Demetrius Donskoy Church located in the Irkutsk High Military Aviation Engineering School was destroyed in the fire. Thanks to firefighters and parishioners all valuable things were saved, and in 4 days people were able to come to the church service. “When I got to the place, I could see that almost all church plate had been rescued from the burning church. Back then nobody stood aside.This tragedy brought people together to make them even more united and deepened their faith,” the archpriest recalls.

The icons and valuables were placed in the tent, and a special wooden shed was built to hold the service. No doubt, the weather in Irkutsk would not allow using this construction all year round. Fortunately, there were people who couldn’t remain indifferent.Soon, the church moved to a new building and obtained funds for its repair.

The archpriest, Konstantin Kozhukhovsky, was overscrupulous about the work to be done that it might impress even a skilled builder, and any visitor at the new church building would be fascinated with the work results.

Supported by +7 Fund, the repair works at the church are in progress: removal of the old ceiling, roof insulation, vapor barrier and ventilation system to be installed in the nearest future. The domes and the cross were erected in May.

The church has both a Sunday school and the only icon-painting school in the city, in summer there is also a military sports camp at the church. At first glance, as Konstantin Kozhukhovsky recalls, it seemed impossible to restore it, but now there is no the slightest doubt. So, this is another example when creation wins over destruction.