The finale of the Roy Jones Jr. project – “Path to Ultimate Victory” – took place in Moscow


The finale of the project – “Path to Ultimate Victory”, implemented by Roy Jones Jr., was held on November 30, in Moscow at the Boxing Academy. From mid-October to mid-November boxers aged 10-17 from Moscow and Moscow region could submit their applications to participate in the project. There were submitted 290 applications in total. Roy Jones selected 100 people out of 290 to take part in the finale.

Pursuant to the project conditions, the finalists were divided into 3 age groups and then – into pairs for sparring. During the bouts in the ring participants had within a minute to show their best results. Following the bouts, Roy Jones selected 10 people. They will join 20 participants selected at the previous stage of the contest – “Path to Ultimate Victory”, held in the Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk regions earlier this autumn. In 2020, together they will go to a training camp.

At the end of the day, Roy Jones addressed everyone who participated in the finale: “I’d like you to understand one thing: The key point of this day is not about winning or losing, but about showing your best results and enjoying it. I met a lot of talented guys, and I couldn't but notice that some of you tried to copy my movements. And that made feel happy. Please don't get upset if didn't go to the next stage. The fact that you are not in the top ten doesn't mean that you are worse than those who have managed to do it. I want this project to be inspirational for everyone. So that you keep on boxing and make progress.”