Japanese doctors visited the memorial complex in Listvyanka settlement


The Japanese POW cemetery in Listvyanka settlement was restored by the +7 Fund as a response to the Japanese care for the graves and gravestones of the Russian sailors who had died on the Japanese land during the war of 1904-1905. Sometime later, the Chapel of St. Nicholas of Japan (his secular name was Ivan Dmitrievich Kasatkin) was also erected next to this Memorial in Listvyanka settlement.He served and worked in Japan from 1861 to 1912, in 1906 became Archbishop of Tokyo and Japan. After his death, the Japanese emperor gave his personal permission to bury the remains of the missionary in Tokyo.

St. Nicholas of Japan was born on August 13. Today, it is a particularly great pleasure to tell that the doctors from Japan have recently visited the chapel and seen the restored cemetery. A few days ago, the medical forum attended by the doctors from the Land of the Rising Sun was over in Irkutsk. Japanese and Russian specialists share their experience with respect to treatment of serious illnesses. Moreover, the guests could anew enjoy the Russian hospitality which is not limited to meeting and seeing off. Respect and care for foreign cultures is above all.

The delegation from Japan included Toshiaki Kadokura, Deputy Consul General of Japan in Khabarovsk, and Akira Sakai, MD, Executive Director of the Japan-Russia Medical Exchange Foundation.Like other guests, they personally made sure that we honorably commemorated their fellow citizens, and the final resting place of the Japanese warriors was given care as established by the culture of the ancient Eastern country.

We are against any wars, and such meetings help us understand each other, remind us of the mistakes made in the past and strengthen current relations.