Make your wish for the New Year!


+7 Fund will fulfill New Year's wishes for 77 children

The project «+7 wishes» starts on the most magical night of the year

+7 Charitable Foundation launches a social project

Any resident of the Irkutsk region aged 5 to 17 will be able to tell about himself and his cherished dream in a letter to the foundation. The collection of applications will last from December 31 to January 10. The management of the +7 Fund and the project partners will select 77 wishes, which will be realized in 2021.

To participate in this New Year's initiative, you need to tell about yourself and your most important act in 2020 on the 7желаний.рф website, as well as share your cherished desire. +7 Fund will fulfill both material desires - it will help with the acquisition of equipment, sports equipment, books or musical instruments, and intangible dreams, for example, will give impressions or help in gaining valuable experience.

«It seems to me that children are such special people for whom the fulfillment of a desire is valuable in itself, in isolation from how much it costs or what efforts it requires. And this period should not be appreciated by them, but by us, adults. While a new bike, book, smartphone or laptop is a miracle for someone, these miracles must be performed. We decided to make a Christmas tree of wishes in the Irkutsk region, because charity combines two interesting things: on the one hand, yes, you will never help everyone, and on the other, you can always make at least someone happy. And we see that we and our partners have the resources to make a few more families a little happier. If with our help someone smiles or suddenly remembers the New Year as a special holiday, then all this is not in vain», — says the president of the +7 Kirill Timofeev.

You can submit an application and tell about your desire on the 7желаний.рф website until January 10. During January, the foundation will announce the results of the project. They will be 77 participants in different age categories.

The social project «+7 wishes» will be supported by the Ministry of Youth Policy of the Irkutsk Region. Partners -, Camel on Fire, MCM radio and Adict agency.