A woman from Kirov with a special needs child won a lawsuit and moved into a new apartment


The +7 Regional Development Fund provided support to Olga Markova and her child.

In spring, Olga Markova, a resident of Kirov, addressed the +7 Fund with the request. Olga raises a special needs child alone. After the woman's apartment had been flooded for several times, the guardianship authorities found it to be unfit for the child and decided through court action to deprive Olga of her parental rights..

«“We were at the rehabilitation facility, when our neighbors called us to say that the apartment had been flooded. When we came home, we found out that the sewerage system broke down.During six months our apartment was flooded several times, about five or six times.

The property management company declared bankruptcy, its accounts were blocked, we obtained the estimate and that’s it. What shall I do and where to go? I am not an alcoholic; I try to do my best, but it seems rather difficult for any woman to do repairs alone, even without such a child,” Olga says.

The +7 Fund employee participated in court proceedings and at the same time addressed the housing issue of Olga and Daniil. The trial lasted several weeks and was successfully over. The +7 Fund purchased a new comfortable apartment on the first floor for the Markov family, which allowed the woman to move out of the old housing. The decision to buy a new apartment was taken upon the assessment of the damages caused to the previous place of residence.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the apartment had been flooded several times (not through the fault of the owner), its repair and restoration would have taken too much time and money. The expenses could have exceeded the cost of a new apartment. In this connection, the Fund decided to buy a new flat for the family.

“When I was reading this news, I was thinking about my mother and remembered that she had to work much when I was a child. I wrote about this story to Timofey Gennadievich, Chairman of the Fund Board. He just asked me the name of Olga’s son and made a decision to help the family with housing,” said Kirill Timofeev, the Executive Director of the Fund..

The last hearing had recently been over in Kirov, and the court established to let the child stay with his mother. The +7 Fund employee gave Olga the keys and all necessary documents and the Markovs moved into the new apartment.