No compensation is paid to the resident of Tulunsky district


This is Dmitry Rybalko from Tulun. Some time ago you and we watched the news about him on Mash Telegram channel.

The situation was as follows: during the flood in Tulun, Dmitry's garden was completely washed away: 40 hectares and all the plants.We asked him about the situation in a personal conversation. Dmitry confirmed the information and noted that the house was also flooded, but wasn’t seriously damaged. Unfortunately, the man did not manage to get any compensation for the washed away garden (amounting from 10 to 100 thousand), he had no inspection report, which he couldn’t get as he had to stay in Odon village for several weeks – his wife was in the maternity ward to give birth to their child.

We believe that a charitable fund should not look for someone to blame or condemn but help people in difficult circumstances. In the nearest future, the +7 Fund will provide compensation to Dmitry, as his situation is similar to that of other residents of the Irkutsk Region who received payments from the regional authorities. We hope that this compensation will allow the Rybalko family not only to cope with short-term difficulties and prepare for the harsh Siberian winter, but also to believe that people are capable of good acts and support.